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HOBART E60 HOOD TYPE DISH WASHER เครื่องล้างจานแบบฝายก For dishwashing room of food service restaurant, small employee dinning
- Easy to use. No other buttons to be operated except the power on/off switch, which requires least operation training.
- Lightest door lift design brings lower labor intensity.
- Electromechanical control system will lower maintenance cost.
- Built-in rinse pump assure sanitizing rinse independent of actual water pressure.
- Patented anti-clog Nozzle Fan wash nozzles can raise water efficeny.
- LED wash and rinse temperature display make it easy to monitor.
- Large wash tank will minimize the refilling request.
- Tank heater with safety protection avoids dry heating risk and reduces parts damage.
- Booster tank with high quality heat presevation material reduces heat loss.
- The large 2-piece stainless steel plate filter can be taken out with ease.
- Completely moulded wash tank is made out of one piece without edges annd corners.
- There s no pipes and additional parts in the wash chamber, which ensure the hygiene.
- All the key components can be maintained in the front of the machine.

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