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Winterhalter MTF Serise : Flight-Type Dishwashers

Winterhalter MTF Serise : Flight-Type Dishwashers
MTF multi-tank flight-type dishwasher. Large scale efficiency and hygiene. The MTF series provides a high performance washing system that delivers hygienically clean wash results for canteens, hospitals and large catering operations. Depending on the wash items and available space, the machine can be modually configured. A well engineered concept with swivel doors and an automatic self cleaning system guarantees maximum hygiene. Thanks to minimum water consumption and item activated control zones, the MTF works extremely economically and keeps your operating costs low.

Touch screen
The touch screen is the operating, communication and control platform for washing staff, the kitchen chef and the service technician.
- Intuitive, language-neutral operation just by touching an icon.
- Optical and acoustical signals will inform you about washing progress and the status of the machine.
- Error messages and some independent error alleviation.
- PIN protected chef level. Hygiene and operation relevant data always queriable.
- Monitoring of external water treatment

Hygienic Design
A carefully engineered combination of perfect hygiene and low cleaning costs.
- Smooth, seamless interior
- 180° swivelling hygiene doors
- Deep-drawn hygienic tank
- Self-cleaning

Item activated control zone
The item activation ensures that pump operation, water intake and drying only occur when the wash items reache a specific zone within the machine.
- Minimised resource consumption (energy, water, detergent, rinse aid)
- Reduced operating costs

Self-cleaning programme
Rotating nozzles on the cover automatically clean the interior with fresh water. After cleaning, the tank water completely empties.
- Maximum hygiene
- Clear reduction of manual cleaning time

Base filtration
Food debris is caught in a removable surface sieve and in the pump suction sieve. In addition, the tried and tested Mediamat permanently removes fine soiling such as coffee grounds.
- Continually clean wash water
- Always good wash results
- Removable surface sieve

Heat pumps

Even more energy efficient than exhaust heat recovery system Energy are the Climate and Climate+ heat pumps.
- Energy savings with the Climate heat pump: up to 14 kWh per hour
- Energy savings with the Climate+ heat pump: up to 18 kWh per hour

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